Outbak Powerlifting Belt

We have been selling Outbak belts, gloves and wraps for years now. It took me years to find a supplier that had the right mix of quality and price. That is why we have stuck with Outbak for years now.

During this time, Matt has become an expert at sorting out sizes. This is probably partly because he constantly runs the measuring tape over various bodyparts after a hard workout with his training partner Graham.

This is what Brenton had to say about Matt’s service….

Hi Matt,

So, this past weekend was my birthday, and I got my Outbak powerlifting belt from Sam’s (thanks Mum!) I just wanted to thank you for the advice regarding sizing. It’s perfect! It’s got room if I lean out a bit, and plenty of room for growth if I go the other way ;-p

It’s a great belt, soooo much better than my el cheapo bodybuilding.com belt. Already it fits snugly and works well. Such a great belt for a great price.



What makes our job easier if you can give us accurate waist measurements – best just go by the size of your best fitting jeans. Now don’t gives us the size you would like to be, but rather your current size. 

The sizing is relatively forgiving – you don’t have to be to the nearest millimeter. They are weight training belts after all and made with a lifters fluctuations in weight in mind.

Check the Powerlifting Belt listing for the size chart.

VLUU L210 / Samsung L210