Paul and Michelles Power Rack Dumbbell Gym

Here is an absolute ripper of a testimonial from Paul and Michelle in Darwin. To me this is what home weight training is all about. You might be flat out with work and looking after the kids, but a home gym gives you that flexibility to pursue your passion at home.

This is what Paul said about Sams Fitness:


I’m chasing some further attachments and plates for the gym equipment I bought in 2012.

I was extremely happy the first time with your service and will continue to purchase equipment through you. But before I do I would like to let you know how your equipment has helped.

My partner Michelle is a full time worker and mother of our 2 daughters. She has been using the equipment and training from home for the past 18 months. She still occasionally uses the local gym but with time restraints she mainly uses the equipment, bought from Sam’s Fitness, at home.

On May 4 2014, Michelle entered the INBA competition in Darwin. She won the Novice Figure category and placed third for the overall. During the next week we travelled to Geelong for Michelle to compete in the Geelong Conquest Classic on May 10.

Michelle won the Masters Figure and also won overall female “Miss Conquest Classic 2014″. I have attached some photos so you know I’m not bullshitting you.”

Paul and Michelle got the Powertec Power Rack System, Ironmaster Super Bench, Power Maxx 10-40kg Dumbbell Set and Power Maxx Barbells and Weights.

This is a classic free weight style home gym. If you have only ever trained in your 24 hour style gyms you might not know how to train certain bodyparts. If this is the case it is time to dig out old bodybuilding or powerlifting books for some classic free weight exercises.

Powertec Power Rack