Paul’s Single Car Garage Gym

Just thought I would show you all a great little single car garage gym we set up the other night. It was in a garage beneath a unit and I think you would be surprised at what great gym equipment you can fit in a relatively small space – I know I was surprised because I didn’t think we would fit it all in!

Home Gym Testimonial

Great Combination Of Equipment

Both Matt and I are huge fans of the Powertec Leverage Gym and the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. We have access to a lot of different weight training equipment but use both of these regularly. They are not only both easy to use but most importantly effective.

So just these two items alone make this a great single car garage gym. What I really liked about this set up though was the little extras. The Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf adds another dimension to leg training. Most people probably think this is duplicating exercises but believe me both movements are quite different. As a matter of fact we are using the squat on the Powertec Leverage Gym in our current program.

The Gym Gets Better

To top it off Paul added a Powertec Olympic Weight Rack, Powertec Curl Machine Accessory and some cable attachments. We shifted his stationary bike and seated calf raise and the whole lot fit in perfectly with enough room for his motor bike.

Paul’s Garage Gym Review

And what did Paul think………….

“Hello Matt / Sam The kit is excellent. I am very pleased and if anyone needs gym equipment I will recommend they talk to you. Thanks Paul”

So you can see you do not need a lot of space to have a sweet home gym. With sensible choice of equipment you can have plenty of exercises that you can train hard and comfortably on.