Powertec Gym Equipment Canada

Powertec gym equipment in Canada is hugely popular, just like Australia. This testimonial demonstrates Sam’s Fitness after sales service. You will note we didn’t sell Dave anything because he is from Canada, but that doesn’t stop us from helping out a Powertec brother! We love the Powertec gyms at Sam’s Fitness and have put a lot of time into making sure people get the most out of their Powertec gyms. We get a buzz out of showing all the tips and tricks that make weight training not only enjoyable but most importantly get you results.

wb-ms16 powertec multi system

Powertec Gym Equipment Canada

This is what Dave from Canada said.

“Thanks for the tips Sam. I will definitely keep them in mind as I get to know the gym. By the way I am actually located in Canada.

I first saw your videos on Youtube. That prompted me to check out your website. To be frank, I wish I was in Australia just so I can visit the actual store. I actually considered placing my order with you but the logistics (i.e. delivery, exchange rates, etc.) didn’t seem to make sense.

If I am wrong, please let me know. I checked out the Powertec attachment that you referred me to below (thanks! I’m definitely planning on adding it along with the new pec attachment to my gym). I would be willing to send the business your way if possible.

What impresses me the most is your responsiveness and the amount of useful and helpful information you provide. While we have our share of fitness stores here, I didn’t find one that provides the extras that you do in this regard. They are mostly geared toward marketing and sales-type communication. Whereas you supplement that with information that a consumer would seek out when making a purchase decision. But more importantly, after making a purchase decision when, in my opinion, it counts the most!

The store that sold me my gym responded to only one of my emails before I bought the gym and hasn’t followed-up with me in any way since I made the purchase. Anyway, I have signed up for your newsletter and I plan to visit the website frequently as I get myself used to the gym. Once I’m into it, I might look at purchasing one of your training programs. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks again Sam, Dave

While our competitors make cheap, inferior copies of our gym equipment they will never be able to copy our service. Our knowledge and expertise on the Powertec gyms has spread across the world and we are only too willing to help out people whether they are our customers or not.