Powertec Home Gym Melbourne Review

Harkiran from Melbourne has just set up his new home gym and kindly sent through a review. The Powertec Multi System and Dumbbell Package is a great combination of home gym equipment for weight trainers starting out or advanced trainers that have been training for years.

Powertec Home Gym Review

This is what Harkiran had to say about his new home gym.

Hi Sam,

Thanks a lot for your help.

Recieved the equipment and set it all up on the weekend.

Great work mate keep it up! I’ve attached a photo of the setup.

Cheers Harkiran

Multi System Dumbbell Gym

What makes this package work so well is that the Powertec multi gym provides leverage machine training. When you want to spice things up a bit, just grab a pair of dumbbells and blast out a few sets of your favourite free weight exercises.

I get tired of the whole free weight vs machine debate. Yes free weights are probably better, but to get that advantage that free weights offer you have to be training consistently and intensely. You also have to have your diet spot on. For average people living average lives (like myself) get these things in order are nearly impossible.

So my theory is that as long as you are pressing, pulling, rowing and squatting it doesn’t really matter if it is free weight or machine. Just make sure you enjoy it and aim to improve over time. This satisfaction from training and making gains will lead to more consistent training.

With the multi system and dumbbells you can mix and match, getting the best of both worlds. Whatever bodypart you are training, there is multiple exercises that you will have at your disposal.

Powertec Gym and Dumbbells