Powertec Leverage Squat Review

A Powertec Leverage Squat review left by Simon on our Facebook page. One of the awkward things about selling stuff, is when someone in the showroom or on the phone asks if something is good. I always say that I am the last person to ask – of course I am going to say it is good! So having great customers like Simon back us up makes life a whole lot easier.

powertec leverage squat review

I would like to point out that Simon’s machine is a 2008 model, so it looks in great nick for a machine that old. Proof that these things will wear you out, before they do!

Like Simon points out, there is nothing that comes close to this machine in many areas – the actual squatting motion is like nothing you have tried before. With barbell squats, the old glutes and hammys get burnt out long before the quads. On the Powertec Leverage Squat the angle of the footplate reduces the load on the back, glutes and hammys. It is transferred to the quads where they can get the best burn.

It performs like any high end commercial machine for standing calf raises. Plus the lunge exercise on here is probably the best way to isolate the hamstrings I know of.

Plus like Simon points out, you can even do a shoulder/push press on them! So as far as value for money goes they can’t be beaten there too.

Leg presses can get pretty expensive, as you will most likely need loads of 20kg plates. So if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, which is just as or if not more effective. You couldn’t go past the Powertec Leverage Squat.