Powertec Training Videos Liked Worldwide!

We think our Powertec training videos are pretty good. They get plenty of views and comments from Australia. But to hear that people in the US are watching them is very satisfying.

Powertec and Ironmaster Are Our Focus

This is my 5th year of selling Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment in Australia. I have only ever imported these 2 brands so I guess I have got to know them quite well. In that time we have accumulated a lot of knowledge on the Powertec and Ironmaster range. Sharing this is helping people around the world make the right decision when choosing their home gym.

Powertec Training Videos Review

My wife is a 13 year lifter and a veteran AM bodybuilder. I am a 5 year lifter that went from 130 lbs to 200 lbs in those 5 years. I have taken the last 2 years off because there is no gym near me plus the current economic situation in USA.

My wife is in the military and is serving overseas. Before she left she always complained not being able to work out at home. So for our anniversary I bought the multi-gym and leverage bar and was sold to the idea watching your videos.

I’m sure my wife will be surprised and happy to have such hard core equipment to work out on. I’ve used it for a week now and already see my muscle memory kicking in. The only draw back is the bench sits high off the ground.

I’m a Sergeant in Corrections and I had a convict make me two metal boxes that I can put my feet on while on the bench. Good show Sam! Thanks for making those videos!

wb-ms16 powertec multi system bench press

With the internet the way it is these days and people looking for more and more information before they purchase, it’s great to hear a fell good story from half way around the world.