Powertec WB-LS Review

Here is a great Powertec WB-LS Review by Peter. What I like best about Peter’s review is that he using leverage gym as part of his training for the Gold Coast Half Marathon. Only a few years back people would have scoffed at someone using resistance training for long distance running.

Peters Powertec WB-LS Review

Sam I’ve just paid off my Powertec leverage gym that I bought from you in May last year. I’ve used it consistently for the 12 months. Usually three times a week for an hour or so – and am still really enjoying it.

I have’t put on any weight, I think mainly because I’m not trying to bulk up and I’m also doing endurance running (up to 25 km at a time) three days a week, in readiness for the Gold Coast Half Marathon in July.

The gym has really increased my strength and fitness though and complements the running really well. It has also given me a really toned and defined shape, just not a lot of muscle bulk. Big increases in strength, eg, from 43 kg to 103 kg on the squats (3 x 15 reps) and plenty more to come. Can’t believe I’m able to do the squats with that much weight, although I guess you guys do a lot more.

It’s a great bit of gear and I’m really pleased with my purchase. Peter

WB-LS-B Powertec LeverGym Squats

Strength is Valuable in All Sports

The best part of Peter’s Powertec WB-LS Review is his strength gain on squats. This would have previously been considered poor training. The belief was that weights made you bulky.

Peter points out that he has not put on weight. This is what you want, especially in long distance running. He has improved his body composition by decreasing his body fat percentage.