Powertec Squat Machine Review

Here is a very detailed Powertec Squat Machine review from Reuben. He is a great customer who loves his training.

Most people incorrectly make the assumption that this machine just replicates barbell squats. The Squat Calf has been designed to really isolate your quads and take the load off the back and knees. Plus it has an in built safety mechanism for you to push to failure and beyond.

Reuben’s Squat Calf Review

Hey Matt, I just finished moving stuff around in the gym. Here are the photos including the new and amazing squat machine (did my first proper squat workout last night on it, not just testing it out; sooo good!).

And now, for the testimonial: “Life gets busy with work and kids and finding time to get involved in weight training at a gym was impossible; one or the other would have to suffer. I began building a small gym in my garage. But the one problem with doing heavy weight training at home is not having a spotter.

This omission in my training plan led me to a very dangerous situation where I hit muscle failure during squats. As I could not complete the rep stuck on the ground with no way to get back up.

Training Safely

I resolved to find a safe way of training as heavily as possible without risking permanent injury. As I did not have a training limited to two types of smith machines; nylon collar and linear bearing.

The price disparity ($400-ish compared to $1,300+) proved quite a conundrum; they were big, bulky, and either a significant financial stretch or lacked quality and ease of movement.

Then I came across Sam’s Fitness and the PowerTec squat machine. What an absolute delight it has been to use; I immediately purchased one, and Matt from Sam’s Fitness could not have been more helpful. They helped me find a financing package that allowed me to begin training immediately. Even with financing affordable.

The PowerTec machine is beyond phenomenal. After using it, every gym Sydney should get one. It automatically forces correct form with very little thought, allowing complete concentration on the job at hand; getting back up again! Plus there was less pressure on my knees as well, which has been amazing. The machine is great for calves too. It has a built in safety mechanism so you don’t need a spotter.

It was Arnold Schwarzenegger himself who said that bodybuilders had to take risks to improve. You need to try that extra weight and be surprised when you can exceed your own expectations.

Being able to do the heavy weight without a spotter is well worth the investment.

So thanks to Matt and everyone at Sam’s Fitness, for having the expertise to provide excellent and considered advice. Pluethe knack for finding quality that enables you to sell these unique and exceptional products is priceless. I see why Lee Priest, Matt Grimshaw and Jay Cutler are happy to endorse them!” Kind regards, Reuben

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