Ryans Compact Powertec Gym

Big thanks to Ryan for sending in a pic of his Powertec LeverGym. As you can see from the picture below, it is the best compact home gym for people who are limited by space.

powertec compact gym

This is what Ryan had to say about his new Powertec LeverGym –

Thanks for hooking me up Matt! Machine got all the way to South Hedland W.A with no issues!! Now I got some weights to go with my cardio workout!! Thanks guys!!!

This picture perfectly demonstrates the great design of the Powertec gym – and why it is so compact. It just slots in so neatly into the spare space in your house or garage.

For those of you who are not familiar with South Hedland, it is a remote mining town in W.A. So training options are very limited – and over crowded with ugly blokes! So the old excuse for training at the gym for some eye candy is not going to work here, unless you are that way inclined (not that there is anything wrong with that!)

So having your own home gym is an attractive option in these circumstances, and with a Powertec gym you are probably going to have a better set up than the local gym!

If you are stuck in a remote area, and missing your training, then check out one our home gym package deals. Even if you get moved around a lot with work, they are pretty easy to transport. Or I know from experience, we have sold many to mining towns, that you will get a good price for a 2nd hand unit in these areas.