Ryans Ironmaster IM2000 Review

We recently installed an Ironmaster IM2000 for a customer, so I posted the picture up on the Sam’s Fitness Facebook Page – which if you haven’t already joined, is the place to be to see cool home gym set ups and the latest quality products from quality suppliers. This prompted Ryan, a US based Ironmaster customer to leave his review.

Ryan has nailed the IM2000 in this short review. The Ironmaster is much more than a smith machine, it is literally the most complete home gym unit for it’s compact footprint. You can do a limitless number of exercises – your only limit is your imagination. You have the smith machine section, which you can do all your barbell movements from, but the action is totally unique. Perfect for isolating the target muscle group.

You can lock the lifting bar in place in any of the positions. It won’t move, so you can do exercises like inverted rows.

Then you have the cable system. It has a high and low pulley so you can do all your favourite rowing and pulling movements. There are loads of different cable attachments that you can use to vary up your favourite exercises.

There has always been free bar holders available so that you can do a traditional bench press. But Ironmaster recently released a set of super beefy half rack spotter arms which will allow you to push yourself to the absolute limit with complete safety. This is especially important if you train by yourself in your home gym.

So not only is it a first class smith machine, it is also your dream squat rack. So if you are tossing up with the old free weight or machine dilemma, this is the perfect happy medium.

If all that doesn’t keep you weight training for years, you can cherry pick your favourite attachments from both the IM2000 and Super Bench Attachments. Even better, because these are sold worldwide, there are plenty of us Ironmaster IM2000 fanatics with whom you can always swap different ideas. So if you come up with a new exercise or a different way of doing one, just let us know!