The Best Home Gym in Tasmania?

Has Ross built the best home gym in Tasmania? Well when we get the pictures through we will let you guys be the judge. It is a great story, but this is what Ross says:

“My recent experience with Sam’s Fitness came about from many hours perusing Australian Gym equipment suppliers in desperate search for heavy duty gear which was still competitively priced.

Sam’s single stations are heavy gauge and function as one would hope and the range of motion on each station is excellent.

I was also very impressed with the PowerMaxx dumbells and free weights, they’re all rubber protected.

I invested a lot of money into my home gym and am grateful I went through Sam’s Fitness, their assistance with sales, shipping and follow up was outstanding too. A special thanks to Francis who handled my whole order and promptly shipped it to my door in Tasmania.”

But the best part of the story is that Ross is hitting the gym 4-5 times a week. His son even more! It warms my heart to hear of parents training with their children. There is not a better gift a parent can give their child than the passion for training – no matter if it is weights, running, swimming – anything physical that get kids off computers/Xbox/ipads etc.

Ross was telling Francis that a lot of his mates have shouted themselves Harleys, but are lucky to ride them a handful of times a year. Ross invested a lot of money on his home gym, but still nowhere near the money you would spend on a Harley, but gets way more value. Ross might not get round town with a loud exhaust note, but keeping in shape will turn just as many heads.

Ross got the following gym equipment:

  • Powertec Chin Dip Assist
  • Barbarian Leg Extension Leg Curl
  • Powertec Olympic Weight Rack
  • 2.5-25kg Rubber Dumbbells
  • Barbarian T-Bar Row
  • Barbarian Warrior Bench
  • Barbarian FID Bench
  • Barbarian Smith Machine
  • Barbarian Plate Loaded Lat Pulldown
  • Barbarian Bicep Blaster
  • Powertec Leg Sled.
  • Plus loads of weights, attachments and accessories.

So now you can see why this is a very impressive home gym. You would be hard up getting a better workout in most commercial gyms.

Ross is going to send some through some pictures when he is happy with the final layout. The lucky bugger has got years of solid training ahead of him in home gym heaven!

If you are in Tasmania and looking at home gym equipment, your options are always going to be limited when wanting to see and try the gym equipment before buying. But you are not the only ones – the market is so competitive these days that we are all forced to import and sell direct. There is no margin for a middle man.

Unlike our competitors, we sell exclusively international brands. So you don’t have to listen to us tell you how good our gear is, read for yourself from people around the world. Plus we do a lot of videos so you can see the equipment in operation. Like Ross says above, our team will go out of their way to help you through the whole process.