Thick Rope Training on Powertec Power Rack System

Here is a great video for those of you with the Powertec Power Rack System. This is a great way to build grip strength and add functional variety to your weight training.

This sort of training is totally different to “traditional” weight training – which makes it perfect to include in your regime. This will work different muscles in different ways and will assist with your normal training. This sort of thing is why I love home weight training. You can do your own thing. Yet another reason why I love the Powertec Power Rack System.

Lucky for us we have quite a large warehouse where we train every monday night. A whole group of us get together and we go through quite a large circuit. One of the exercises is the rope pull. We tie one end over the racking and let the rope hang down. This is a fantastic exercise!! Really sorts the men from the boys.