Seated Cable Chest Press and Flys on the Powertec Shape System

The seated cable chest press on the Powertec Shape System is one of the best exercises for isolating the pecs. If you feel that you didn’t quite hit the spot, then you can finish them off with cable flys.

One of the main reasons people buy cable crossovers is to do cable crossovers. This video shows you two great exercises that will work your chest better than the traditional cable crossover movement. It is this functionality plus the fact that the Powertec Shape System takes up a fraction of the space of an old style cable crossover that make this new design a better option for your gym.

Seated Chest Press

These are my two favourite chest exercises on the Powertec Shape System. The seated chest press is a real unique movement on this machine. It is completely different to the movement of a seated chess machine that you would find in a gym.

You can easily target the different areas of the chest from upper to lower chest. You can also target the chest laterally by varying the width of your hand position when starting and finishing the movement.

I guess the Hammer Strength seated chest press would be regarded as the bench mark. These machines are great and you can load heaps of weight. You try to emulate Dorian Yates and keep adding on 45lbs. But most of us are not Mr Olympia contenders.

The cable chest press requires a lot more stabilising. You simply can’t lift as much weight. But that doesn’t mean that the pec muscles do not get punished. They are working just as hard but with less weight. Your joints will thank you later!

p-ss powertec shape system seated cable chest press

Pec Flys

The flys on the Powertec Shape System is one of the best ways to isolate your pecs. Compared to cable crossovers, dumbbell flys and pec decs it allows you to target the pec through the entire range of the movement. For example with dumbbell flys the resistance is less at the top of the range of movement. The cable crossover involves some lat, traps and shoulders. The pec dec is just hard on your shoulder joint.

p-ss powertec shape system