10 Weight Training Tips

10 Weight Training Tips

1. Use a weight you can control with good form.

2. Never more than two days in a row without a break.

3. Never stretch a cold muscle

4. Workouts should last between 45-60 mins.

5. Large Muscle Groups

Basic Trainers: 1 exercise per muscle group. No more than 2-3 sets per exercise.

Intermediate Trainers: up to 2 exercises per muscle group. No more than 2-3 working sets per exercise.

Advanced Trainers: No more than 2 body parts per workout. 3-4 exercises per muscle group with 2-4 working sets.

6. Rep Range

Beginner Trainers: Use 15 reps per set for the first 3-4 workouts. Then increase the weight and drop down to 12 reps per set.

Intermediate Trainers: Move to pyramid sets where you start with 12-15 reps, then increase the weight and drop sets to 10-12 reps. Then increase the weight for 6-8 reps. This will increase your strength and confidence in handling heavier weights.

Advnaced Trainers: Combine both the beginners and intermediate rep ranges and add set rep progression. Set rep progression is a system using the same reps but increasing the weight.

7. Change your training program every 6-8 weeks.

8. Beginners (up to 3 months): Train 2-3 days per week doing whole body workouts

Intermediate Trainers (3-18 months): Train 3-4 days per week using a split routine.

Advanced Trainers: (18 months plus): Frequency determined by training goal.

9. Always warm down and stretch after you have finished your workout.

10. Take some time off. After about 12 weeks of doing a program, take some time off to look at your progress and re evaluate your goals and plan.