Summer Training Program for SIZE

Here is the Training Article that was featured in our Jan 2009 Newsletter. This is follow up to the Summer Training Program Brad did previously. Check it out

SUMMER SHAPE UP Program by Brad Turnbull

Just a carry on from our last summer shape up program, I want to give you a look at how I workout in summer for size.

In the original summer shape up program it was more for keeping form and shape to the physique but this program allows for gains in size and strength to be made.

In Australia we know it gets hot – very hot! So the last thing we want to do is be hitting the weights day in day out, plus summer is fun and we should be spending more time outside while the weather is good.

What I suggest is a program that has you training 2 days a week total.

The first workout is for size and strength and the second workout for size and shape. You must allow 48-72 hours rest between workouts.

Enough talk! Let’s hit it!

Workout One – Size and Strength

Incline bench press


Seated cable rows

Above exercises use the pyramiding principle. 1×20 1×15 1×10 1×6

Rest about 2-3mins between sets and add 10-20% more weight each set. All sets must be with a weight that takes you to failure for the given amount of reps.

Now finish workout with a tri set

Side lateral raises – triceps pushdown – biceps curl

Pick a weight that enables 10-12 reps on each exercise. Complete one full tri set rest 1 minute and repeat for 2 more sets.

Throw in 3×20-40 ab crunches at the end of workout.

Workout Two – Size & Shape

Bench press or Dumbbell bench press

Super set with

Front pull downs

5sets of 10-15reps

Leg extensions

Super set with

Stiff legged Deadlift

5 sets of 10-15reps

Seated shoulder press

Superset with

Calf raises

3sets of 8-12reps

Pick one biceps and one triceps exercise and superset each one 3 sets of 15-20reps

Finish off with 3×25 reverse crunches

Rest 60-90 second between sets and use set rep progression on all exercises.

If you need any further explanation of the program just let me know.