Upper Body Workout at Home LeverGym and Ironmaster Dumbbell

Here is an Upper Body Workout specifically designed to be used at home. It utilises two of my favourite pieces of gym equipment – the Powertec LeverGym and Ironmaster Dumbbells. This combination of equipment is perfect for the trainer who is tight on space.

Powertec and Ironmaster Upper Body Workout

Now I only had 45mins including warm ups, so I had to go hard.

1) Incline Leverage Bench Press superset with

One Arm Dumbbell Rows

2) Lat Pulldowns superset with

Dumbbell Clean and Presses

3) Incline Dumbbell Flys superset with

Leverage Prone Rows.

I probably did 3 warm up sets on  the first exercises with higher reps. Then I moved to approx. 4 sets aiming for 10 reps. Since I don’t have time to mess around I am bit loose with sets and reps. If I feel a set is easy I will add some more reps. Sundays we get the kids Maccas as a treat for lunch, so my aim on this workout is to burn myself out so I don’t feel bad nailing a Big Mac!!

Super Sets are my favourite way of training and something I picked up from Dave Draper’s book. The first couple of times you try them you might be put off because they can be gruelling and a bit disheartening as you see your weights drop.

But once you build your conditioning you will learn to love them – you get a real high because the heart rate really gets up there. This type of training is perfect for people like myself.

I don’t have time or any interest in doing traditional cardio. So by pushing hard on super sets I don’t need to bother. Plus if you are like me and put on fat just looking at food, it keeps the waist line in check. Some people think that because the scales are going up on they are putting on muscle. In my case I reckon I put on 10kg of fat with half a kg of fat if I train normally and don’t watch what I eat.

In regards to the exercise, I am a huge fan (obsessed) with Push/Pull. So much so I try and roughly balance the amount of weight I do over the whole workout with pushing and pulling – trying to pull a bit more.

I threw the dumbbell clean and presses in as a bit of a functional movement, instead of doing normal seated shoulder press. I believe that throwing in some of these types of movements is beneficial instead of just isolating every body part. Plus also this exercise really gets the heart rate going as you move up on heavier weights. It is an old school exercise that has been around for years but a lot of people have never heard of it.

dumbbell press

Lastly, I did the Incline Dumbbell Flys because I had the bench on Incline for the Leverage Prone Rows. Now I normally never do flys. I was told by Brad Turnbull not to worry about doing flys until I had a chest. I much prefer pressing movements. But at this stage of the workout it was more a muscular endurance exercise as I was struggling at this stage.

All the exercises are pretty self explanatory except for the dumbbell clean and presses and leverage prone rows. So here are the relevant videos for those two.

On the next video go to the 3:50 mark for the Dumbbell Clean (or Curl) and Press

With the Powertec Multi Gym and Ironmaster Dumbbells you never run out of things to do. They go together perfectly – hence our Bodybuilding Compact Home Gym Package