IFBB Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix VIII

The Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix has grown into one the best supported and most respected bodybuilding contests on the IFBB Pro League circuit. It is Australia’s one and only chance to see the world’s best pro bodybuilders on stage. Read on for more

The following competitors, including many Mr Olympia finalists and bodybuilding all time greats, have competed in the Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix, since the show began in 2001:
Chris Cormier, Dennis James, Dexter Jackson, J.D. Dawodu, Jaroslav Horvath, Oleg Zhur, Melvin Anthony, Garrett Downing, Stan McCrary, Luke Wood, Mark Lampard, Matt McLean, Christian Lobarede, Kevin Levrone, Jeff Long, Quincy Taylor, Troy Alves, Jonathan Davie, Cloude Groulx, Tommi Thorvildsen, Marc Rainbow, Markus Ruhl, King Kamali, Craig Titus, Ronnie Rockel, Johnnie Jackson, Mike Kypreos, Charles Duca, Thomas Stellander, Justin Rys, Pietro Gilberto, Jim Pedone, Neil Gardner, Mike Morris, Gianluca Catapano, Greg Tottman, William Leonard, Beat Meschberger, Alison Maria, Hieko Kallbach, Eddie Abbew, Roc Shabazz, Kris Dim, Francis Benfatto, Branch Warren, Mustafa Mohammad, Vince Taylor, Lee Priest, Massimo Villi, Wong Hong, John Hodgson, Joel Stubbs, Hidetada Yamagishi and Martin Kellstrom.
Sam’s Fitness will have a booth at the trade show so you will be able to check out some of the Powertec and Ironmaster Gym Equipment.