Natural Bodybuilding Championships & Olympia Qualifier NSW

Alright Sydney bodybuilding fans, here is your chance to see a great show at the Castle Hill RSL on Sunday 27th September. For all you weight trainers who think bodybuilding is all about getting on the juice, you might want to check this natural bodybuilding show out.

Building Muscle Naturally

This event is natural and more importantly tested. If you haven’t been to a bodybuilding show because you are against performance enhancing drugs, then I recommend checking out the INBA NSW Natural Bodybuilding Championships. You will be surprised at the level of development that can be achieved naturally. And this may give you some much needed motivation in your own weight training.

Natural bodybuilding would have to be one of the healthiest sports around. I only wish that I had some exposure/guidance in the sport when I was younger. This would have provided me with some much needed structure to my weight training. Training for strength and health is great, but sometimes you need specific goals and targets to make you push yourself that little bit harder.

Drug Testing In Natural Bodybuilding

We recently had the pleasure of meeting the promoter, and were very impressed with the testing procedures used by the INBA. The testing is done through Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA). ASADA is a government agency and they are responsible for testing Olympic athletes and any sport that is fair dinkum about performance enhancing drugs.

The testing is very expensive so not all athletes are tested. But if you look suspicious you can bet your bottom dollar you will be tested at some stage. So I would imagine this would keep a lot of cheats out, because lets face it you would look like a real dick testing positive at a natural event.

Matt “Trunk” Grimshaw frequently assists ASADA in ensuring the sample collection process is above board.

The Natural Bodybuilding Goal

As mentioned above, natural bodybuilding is a very healthy pursuit. The other important factor is that it can give you a defined goal for your training. If you are going to compete, you need to be in peak condition on a certain date.

Do you ever feel that your training is going stagnant? Are you just going through the motions? Maybe you need to have something to aim for? Preparing for a natural bodybuilding show will require you to have a comprehensive training plan. You will also need to follow a strict bodybuilding diet.

When you combine these two essential elements you will get a lot better results. The hard part is following it. If you have the competition deadline, there is your accountability. Getting up on stage in a thong makes it even more important to follow.

If you are interested check out the details in the poster below.



Natural Bodybuilding Championships