Carlos Home Gym in Queensland

Big thanks goes out to Carlos in Queensland for sending in a pic of his home gym. Only problem is that it has caused some dramas on the home front…….

“It’s in the entertainment area where the pool table was meant to be! Priorities! It’s all in a floor space of 3m x 4m. Tight but it works!”

Carlos based his gym around one of our most popular home gym packages – the Bodybuilding Intermediate Gym. But he loaded up on a lot of extras to give him nearly endless variety. Even without the added extras, Carlos can do everything with the Multi System + Quick Lock Dumbbell combination. When you combine the best all round multi gym with the worlds best adjustable dumbbells, you are always going to kick goals.

The Workbench Lat Tower Accessory is almost a mandatory add on to the Multi System. Yes can easily live without it. But for the price it just offers so much, and doesn’t take up much space.

The added advantage of getting the high and low pulley is that you can help yourself to the wide variety of Spud Inc Cable Attachments. So you will never run out of exercises because there is just so many variations that you can do with these.

Carlos was already offside with the missus by putting the gym where the pool table should be, but the addition of the weight plate rack and accessory storage rack should help smooth things over. The gym will look a treat and be tidy – better than a pool table in my opinion!

Lastly Carlos lived up in North Queensland, so you can understand that he was a bit apprehensive forking out the money for such a set up because the freight was very expensive. But I can’t emphasize enough that Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment has never been more affordable in Australia, especially when you compare and convert the US prices. Most importantly though, when you get this sort of set up and blast out a couple of sessions on it like Carlos did, you will see it is money very well spent. You have got yourself a quality gym that will last a lifetime.