Daves Home Gym

Dave from Wollongong, has one of the best home gym setups full of Powertec and Ironmaster equipment. But what makes his gym so great is that he got so many training options in such a relatively small space – the size of a single car garage.

Dont let the fact that he is a Manly supporter put you off – Dave is actually a top bloke. I know this because Matt and I have known him for years. We built his original Multi System a long time ago, and Dave has tinkered with his set up for years in the quest of trying to squeeze as many pieces in to his man cave as possible. It is not until you take a closer look and work out all the machines and options Dave has at his disposal that you realise what a great gym this is.

wollongong gym equipment

So lets go through it. In the shot above you will notice the Powertec Leverage Squat, Ironmaster Super Bench with Spotting Stands. Tucked away is the Barbarian Seated Calf Raise.

Home Gym Wollongong

If we swing around, you will see that there is a Powertec Multi Press. In the corner there are Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells plus the Super Bench Cable Tower. Up back you will notice the Powertec Leg Press.

There are just so many exercises with endless variations that you can perform in Dave’s gym. It has a great mix of free weight, leverage, cable and machine options. No wonder Dave is addicted to training!

While we are talking about Dave and his training, I would like to point out at that Dave boasts some very impressive strength. What makes these numbers even more impressive is that Dave is 51. But even more impressive is when you hear that Dave has overcome some serious stuff in his life – like a broken neck and full knee replacement!

We shot this video before Lee won the Universe – so it was well over a year ago. You would not even recognise Dave now. He has cut out the crap in his diet and is half the size – but still with equally impressive lifts.

Hearing Daves story certainly inspires me to train harder knowing that my best years are still ahead of me. And I have not had half the battles Dave has had. So I really hope Daves story inspires you too!