Joshs Powertec Home Gym QLD

Check out Joshs Powertec Home Gym QLD, it is a master class in how to get the most out of your single car garage. Leave the car out on the street and turn your garage into a Powertec Home Gym!

powertec home gym queensland

Even after 10 years, I still see things that amaze me, and Josh’s gym is no exception. He has got a lot of gear in that single car garage, and it fits perfectly. The Powertec LeverGym looks like it is 2008-09 vintage, the same model as my own, and proof that these great little multi gyms are built to last. Even after all these years, just like mine, Josh’s love for his gym is as strong as ever!

“That levergym is amazing though, can do so much with it and the change out of weights and exercises are super quick because the bench just slides out of the way.”

Recent additions to Josh’s gym are the Powertec Leg Press and Power Maxx 10-40kg dumbbell set. If you are after a heavy duty leg press, you can’t go past the Powertec unit. It is a heavy duty, runs super smooth and as you can see from the pictures it does not take up a lot of space. But most importantly, it is the perfect partner to the Powertec LeverGym. Although you can do squats on the LeverGym, plus Josh has the best leg extension & leg curl attachment, training legs can get a bit stale. So the Leg Press just adds that extra variety, plus you can toe raises as well.

The Power Maxx 10-40kg Dumbbells are a genuine commercial dumbbell set, so not only do they look pretty flash, they are made for serious training. Yes they are a bit more expensive, but in our conversation on Facebook, Josh made the following observation….

Powertec is the best equipment i have ever used, def gonna pass the word onto mates, plus those power maxx dumbbells are so much better than the hex sets. Such good value for those dumbbells and industrial rack for just over 2g!”

We will be getting the heavier rubber hex dumbbell sets in after many requests, but one of the reasons we haven’t stocked them is because personally I much prefer the round rubber dumbbells. The heavier ones are easier to move around the gym because you can roll them, plus they just feel better balanced to lift with as they are a bit more compact length wise.

In Josh’s case, you have got all the other flash Powertec gear, why not treat yourself to something that you can enjoy a bit more.

To round out his gym, Josh has even got a treadmill and exercise bike. You could not ask for more. What I like even more is that there still plenty of space to move around comfortably – a lot more than some commercial gyms that cram in equipment these days.

home gym queensland

So big thanks to Josh for sharing his pics. Hopefully he has given you some inspiration on how to convert your own single car garage.