Steve’s Gym in his Theater Room

Big thanks to Steve for sending in a pic of his gym tucked away in his theater room. This is a classic example of why the Powertec LeverGym is second to none when it comes to being the most versatile multi-gym around.

These humble gyms can be found in some pretty hardcore surroundings – full shed set-ups, in the company of loads of serious lifting equipment. Or, in Steve’s case, sitting nicely in the corner of a room inside the house.

In my highly biased opinion, I feel that Steve’s gym actually enhances the visual appeal of the room much better than a floral couch with designer cushions, not to mention that is a million times more useful!

It might look pretty, but Steve’s set-up is all you need to get a quality workout. You can do everything on the multi-gym, plus the Powertec hyperextension is a very handy addition. Not only are hyperextensions a valuable bodybuilding exercise, but they are also very important as a prehab/rehab device. There is nothing better than stretching out your back on one of these after a tough workout!

Switching to a Home Gym Environment

One common theme we are hearing regularly these days is that people are really struggling with the modern gym environment. People hogging equipment whilst on their phone, not putting weights away, trashing the equipment, plus the gym in general, and heroes carrying on like pork chops. So if you are feeling like this, but don’t think you have the right setting for a home gym then check out some of our customer’s set-ups. Whether it is in the house or in the garage, we have different options for different environments.

powertec hyperextension

Just because you are putting gym equipment in a room in the house, doesn’t mean it is going to turn into a sweaty dungeon. So thanks again to Steve for showing how beautiful a Powertec gym can be!