Tys Latest Additions to His Gym

Big thanks to Ty for sending in a pic of his latest additions to his gym –  a Powertec LeverGym + Ironmaster Dumbbells.

tys home gym

Ty already had some quality kit prior to adding the new gear, but this Powertec and Ironmaster combination is actually one of my favourites. So much so I actually created a home gym package for it – compact bodybuilding gym. If you are tight on space you could not go wrong with this set up. It takes up very little space, but you can train every body part.

Plus it combines two of my favourite weight training passions. My first love with weight training was and always will be dumbbell training. This is what I started out with, and as I progressed I always used them for everything. It was partly this passion that started Sam’s Fitness – I needed to get a set of Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells from America!

I was never a big fan of machines, but like so many others, once I started tinkering with leverage home gyms I was hooked. They were designed perfectly to isolate the muscle, plus they were just so enjoyable to train on. Combined with the Ironmaster dumbbells, you had a nice mix of free weight, cable and leverage movements.

At one of our earlier warehouses I actually spent quite a bit of time training on this arrangement. Here is an example of a powertec gym weight training program. There are another couple in the blog too which should give you enough to get you going. Plus after that, I could come up with even more variations. Trust me, you will never get sick of training with this set up and I love sharing ideas. So even after you have bought your gym don’t be shy and drop me an email if you want some training ideas.