Tysons Home Gym

Big thanks to Tyson for sending in a pic of his updated home gym. It was amazing before, but it has just gone to a whole new level with his new shed.

tysons home gym

“Good Morning Sam’s Fitness,

I wanted to say thanks for the great quality gym equipment and not to mention the excellent service and somehow amongst all of that you manage to keep your delivery prices down.

Please find attached a photo of our home gym comprised almost entirely of your Powertec products.

We currently run the power cage and lat attachment, Powertec utility bench with all attachments to date as can be seen on the right, along with the awesome Powertec Roman Chair and Hack Squat machine seen on the left. We also have plenty of free weights from you guys and accessories for body weight.”

You could dead set charge your mates a decent monthly membership fee to train here – and if I was one of Tyson’s mates I would only be too happy to dig into my pocket. Not only has he got all the equipment, there is loads of space. Combined with quality equipment, the extra space would make training a dream.

In Sydney, we are constantly shoe horning gyms into some very tight spaces. So there are many of us drooling right now. But besides the space, Tyson has got a nice selection of equipment that all works in well together.

Your upper body is well and truly covered with the power rack, lat pulldown option plus dumbbells. The Powertec Leg Machine will offer much needed variety come leg day. Even though it is a leverage form of squats, it is a completely different movement to barbell squats. You can really isolate the quads with leverage, whereas with the barbell you don’t quite get the same emphasis.

I am continually blown away by some of the set ups out there, and Tyson’s is definitely no exception. So keep sending them in!