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DISPLAY MODEL. It has been sitting on our display floor for a little while now. It has been one of our favourite pieces for chest supported rows, but sadly ATX are bringing out more new pieces, hence it is why it is time for us to let go.

It has a few minor signs of wear which do not affect it’s structural integrity. Since it is fully assembled, we cannot ship out this unit. Feel free to PICK UP from our warehouse located at 4 Hills St Banksmeadow NSW 2019.

It comes packed with the following features:

  1. Best possible ergonomics for optimal exercise execution.
  2. Compact, heavy duty design – rated for 450 kgs!
  3. Improved stability – anti-slip rubber feet and rubber coated platform.
  4. Optimum ergonomics – dual axle adjustable pad.
  5. Designed and Engineered in Germany.
  6. Certified for Commercial use – EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
  7. Adjustable J-Hooks.

Deficit deadlifts

Deficit deadlifts are a great exercise for those who want to improve their deadlifts. Normally you would perform this exercise while standing on one or two plates. For gym owners, this is an accident waiting to happen. For the serious lifter you can push harder in this exercise as you don’t have to worry about slipping off. Plus the platform is much more stable. 

The ATX Barbell Row Rack comes with dedicated deadlift jacks for deficit deadllifts . The jacks are sitting at 12 cm, and have barbell protection, so you can lift heavy weight without damaging the knurling on your barbell. 

Optimum Ergonomics

There is no need to do half a deadlift or half a barbell row when you are un-racking the barbell for rows. With ten adjustable J-Hook positions, spaced out every 4 cm, you will be able to find the position suitable for you, regardless of the exercise you are performing. You can put all your effort into your reps, rather than wasting precious strength getting into the correct starting position. 

The dual axis pad makes it easy to switch between head and chest support. Most importantly it helps you maintain the optimal position throughout the set. 

Easy and comfortable handling

You can load and unload the weight plates on and off the bar with ease. Whether the bar is supported on the j-hooks or deadlift jacks, the barbell is elevated off the ground. 

The nylon barbell protection on the j-hooks and jacks not only protect the barbell, they are also great for suppressing noise. 

Compact heavy-duty construction

The Barbell Row Rack will allow you to push yourself to your limits. You won’t have to worry about equipment failing on you. It is rated for 450 kgs and is certified for commercial use in European markets. It has been manufactured from the highest quality materials.

The uprights of this are made from massive 80 mm x 3 mm thick tubes. The non slip plates, combined with the solid structure create the perfect platform to push yourself to the limit with the lifts. 

Product Specifications

Weight 149 kg
Mounting Type

Free Standing



Weight Capacity





EN 20957 I.II.IV – S




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