ATX® XTP RAW Powerlifting Bar


IPF Approved Professional Powerlifting Barbell manufactured in Germany out of Patented XTP Steel. It features centre knurling, self lubricating bushings and a combination of no coating and aggressive knurling for the best possible grip.


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ATX® XTP RAW Powerlifting Bar with detailed product specifications

The new Generation of Powerlifting Barbells from ATX®! They are manufactured in Germany out of Patented XTP Steel.

XTP Technology®

The patented XTP (Xtreme Performance) Technology is a new type of thermomechanical process during which the structure of the steel is compressed ultrafinely with heat an power. On the surface the XTP-treated steel might look the same as conventional steel, but the quality is hidden inside.

The ultra-fine-grained microstructure of the steel provides it with previously unnatainable levels of material resistance and strength. It guarancees extremely high resistance to microcracks.

Each of the ATX® XTP barbells undergoes an additional Ultrasonic Testing and Eddy Current inspection to ensure the highest quality.

Regular untreated steel is prone to corrosion, the XTP treated barbells feature a much higher resistance to corrosion. Which requires far less maintenance. To ensure the optimal longevity of the barbell we recommend treating the bar with the ATX® Barbell Oil.

ATX® XTP RAW Powerlifting Bar Features:

  1. Best Possible Grip – thanks to the bare steel without any coating and agressive “Vulcan” style knurling.
  2. Approved by IPF for use in National and International Powerlifting Competitions.
  3. Manufactured in Germany – via use of XTP Technology with 220K PSI tensile strength.
  4. Ultrafine Steel structure with the highest material strength and resistance.
  5. Extremely high DYNAMIC LOAD – of no less than 1,2000 kgs!
  6. Agressive/Sharp 1.5 mm knurling with IPF Knurl Markings and Centre Knurl.
  7. Hard-Chrome coated sleeves with anti-slip finish. Provides excellent abrasion resistance and ensures that the weight plates and collars don’t slide off easily.
  8. Extra Long Sleeves – with a total loadable area of 433 mm.
  9. The sleeves operate on a combination of bearings and self-lubricating graphite-bronze bushings.
  10. High-Quality ends closed with ATX® Logo end cap and locking ring.
  11. Manufactured in GERMANY

What’s Included? ATX® XTP RAW Powerlifting Bar (ATX-XTP-PLB-400-433)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 21 kg
Barbell Type


Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity

1200 kgs (Dynamic)



Knurl Marking


Centre Knurl


Knurling Aggression


Tensile Strength



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