Stack & Locking Pins

Weight stack pins can be a nightmare for any gym owner. Without this one simple part, a very expensive cable machine can be rendered useless.

You may have gym members who are probably thinking, what is the big deal? Surely they can’t go missing often?

Nothing could be further from the truth! They go missing all the time! I assume that devious gym members must take them for their own use at their home gyms? The moment one weight stack pin goes missing, the remaining weight pins start rotating between machines to cover for the missing pin. Such chaos caused by one missing pin!

Locking Pin Weight Stack Pin Knobs Stack Stickers Girth 6mm Girth 8mm Girth 10mm Girth 12mm Girth 12.5mm+

  • Solid steel
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Handy lanyard prevents lost pins
  • Magnet for firm placement
  • May be used with other machines
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Showing 1–12 of 16 results

Weight Stack Pins with Cord and Magnet: Designed with utmost convenience in mind, these pins come with an attached cord ensuring they always remain with the weight stack. Additionally, a built-in magnet allows the pin to adhere to metal weight stacks, ensuring stability and hassle-free adjustments.

Locking Pins: These versatile pins are indispensable for any weight training setup. With no attached cord, their broad applicability makes them ideal for numerous adjustments – from modifying bench seat positions to securing leg locks on lat pulldown machines.

Replacement Knobs: We understand that knobs can occasionally break or get misplaced. Instead of searching for a completely new pin, simply opt for our replacement knobs. They’re designed to fit seamlessly, offering a practical and cost-effective solution.

Weight Stack Stickers: Whether your weight stack lacks stickers or you want to transition from pounds to kilograms (or vice versa), our stickers are the perfect solution. Featuring dual markings from 5 kg/11 lbs up to 135 kg/297 lbs, they’re colour-coded for easy identification. Say goodbye to makeshift labeling and keep accurate track of your progress with our high-quality, durable stickers.