Power Maxx 5ft Olympic Barbell

Power Maxx

Weight trainers looking for versatility choose this compact Power Maxx 5ft Olympic Barbell. A compact Olympic barbell that is perfect for any gym environment where a shorter, lighter bar is required.


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The Power Maxx 5ft Olympic Barbell is a heavy-duty bar for performing free weight barbell exercises. Using a 7ft Olympic Barbell in a crammed gym environment can sometimes be dangerous; you can smash into gym equipment or someone’s head! So a 5ft Olympic bar is a great alternative.

  1. Heavy Duty – rated for 250kg.
  2. Space Saving: much more compact than a traditional 7ft Olympic barbell. 
  3. Commercial build quality – 28mm solid spring steel bar, combined with solid steel Olympic sleeves.
  4. Smooth rotation – Indestructible precision copper bushings enable the sleeves to rotate smoothly.
  5. High-quality, consistent knurling for grip.

5ft Olympic Barbell

If you are on a budget and are looking for an addition to your multi gym then this would be my first recommendation. This simple and affordable piece of gym equipment will add so much variety to your weight training, while barely touching your bank balance!

It compliments a multi gym in that it will give you some free weight work. It is particularly useful for training legs where there are always limited exercises. With a 5ft Olympic bar you can do barbell hack squats, front squats, stiff-legged deadlifts, lunges and split squats just to name a few.

It will also allow you to do supersets. My favourite is leverage bench press with bent-over rows. For arms, tricep press downs with the cable, super-setted with barbell curls is always a great way to pump up those arms. These are just some examples. The fun part is coming up with your own.

The list of barbell exercises is a mile long, so the potential for variety is massive. The best part is that there are some really quality exercises on the list, so you won’t be fluffing around for the sake of it!

Product Specifications

Weight 13 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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