GYM EQUIPMENT – If it is not rated DON’T risk it

Serious weight training requires serious gym equipment. If you think you will get by with inferior gym equipment, you are not only kidding yourself, you are most importantly wasting money. Gym equipment that has not been properly designed will simply not deliver the same results as quality weight training equipment. Plus it just does not have that quality feel that makes you want to rip into your training.

When you are looking at purchasing weight training equipment make sure that it has a weight load capacity rating. Not only does this give you an indication of whether the gym equipment is heavy duty or just a toy, it tells you that the design has actually been tested.

If you are just looking at buying equipment for your home gym you might think that a rating of 1000lbs (454kgs) is overkill, but this just demonstrates that this piece of kit is designed for some serious weight training.

I might also point out that not all weight load capacities are the same. Some factories will slap whatever weight load capacity you want on their gym equipment just to keep churning it out.

Brands like Powertec and Ironmaster have been sold in the United States for years. Given that the yanks are trigger happy when it comes to filing law suits you know that the weight load capacities on Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment are legitimate.

So before you buy your weight training equipment give some thought to the workload that you will be putting it through. If you are fair dinkum with your training you will be into it 2-5 times per week until your children put you in a nursing home. A cheap copy t-shirt might fool the ladies on the dance floor in a poorly lit disco but a cheap imitation gym is just simply not designed for serious weight training.

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