Powertec Multi System Review with Brad Turnbull

Brad Turnbull give his Powertec Multi System review and why he chose this gym. If the Powertec Multi System is good enough for Brad then it is going to satisfy nearly all serious weight trainers. Brad has been training for 17 years and has been runner up IFBB Mr Australia. So he is a fair judge of the effectiveness of gym equipment.

Competition Standard Multi System

Brad uses the Powertec Multi System for his training as a competitive bodybuilder plus trains others with his personal training business. This series of videos were shot without scripting. They are just based on Brad’s own experience with the Powertec Multi System.

As you can see they are fairly comprehensive. We shot these in October 2007 and since then Brad has come up with even more techniques etc. Hopefully this series of videos will put the perception that you can’t do serious weight training on a multi gym to bed.

Not All Reviews Are The Same

It is true that you can’t do serious weight training on some multi gyms. The aim of these videos is to prove that the Powertec Multi System is not your average multi system. You might read on some reviews on forums that the Powertec Multi System is no good. They will advise you that you should get a power rack or something.

The problem with Internet forums is that it sometimes gives dribblers a voice in the world when ordinarily they would not have one. I have sometimes asked for people to qualify their opinions. That is when you find out that person giving advice is a 17 year old American kid who has been training with weights for a year. They may never tried a Powertec Multi System.

wb-ms16 powertec multi system iso lateral bench press

Powertec Multi System Exercises

This series of videos goes through the different exercises that you can perform on the Powertec Multi System. Brad goes through what set and rep ranges to do for each exercise and how to perform each exercise with correct form. For advanced weight trainers Brad discusses variations and different lifting techniques that can be employed so you can keep varying your routines so you can keep developing your strength and muscle mass. We are hoping to do more filming of Brad on the Powertec Multi System shortly – especially covering new methods and techniques he has employed in his lead up to the IFBB Australian Championships in October 2008.

In the interim you can get tailor made diet and training program for the Powertec Multi System from Brad through our Online Traing Advice service. So check out the videos and feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. I guess one thing we pride ourselves on is that we actually train on the gym equipment we sell. Of course any fitness equipment retailer that you speak to will say they have trained on the equipment they sell but that they may mean they have done one or two sets after they have put the demo model together. I think these videos demonstrate that we have put the Powertec strength equipment through its paces so we will tell you straight up what each machine can or can’t do.