POWERTEC – The Heavy Duty Multi Gym

The Powertec LeverGym really is the heavy duty multi gym. Normally we normally show pictures of shiny looking cool home gym set ups, but today with big thanks to Gary, we have a nice crusty shot. This gym might have seen better days, but it is still in service, just proving that the LeverGym is #1 when it comes to being truly heavy duty.

heavy duty multi gym

Now what made this gym look a bit tired…….

powertec levergym testimonial

Yes that is right, it was sitting outside for 8 years,  then has been garaged for 5 years. I might also add that this was also transported half way around the world. This particular LeverGym is that old, there were no ones like this imported into Australia.

In the very first batch of Leverage Gyms – as they were called back then – I grabbed one or two black ones. I think the black ones might have been this model, but I can’t be 100% sure. It was that long ago. Either way, this gym is OLD!

You wouldn’t get many multi gyms that would see 13 years service, with all original running gear, let alone one that has spent 8 years in the elements in England. So if you are looking at buying a gym, yes the Powertec one will be a bit more expensive, but hopefully this testimony will give you a good reason why.

We have seen this durability many times over the years. People leave these Powertec gyms on a covered verandah, but they are still exposed to the weather. If you perform some regular maintenance – rub off any surface rust, hit it with some anti rust treatment, you can actually keep them in good nick.

That is one of the reasons we started stocking replacement bench pads, seats and grips – the gyms were lasting that long and being used so much, there was a bit of wear and tear. So people just wanted to make their gyms look like new again.