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If you have ever tried a Powerlifting Combo Rack you will be familiar with roller style J-Hooks. If not, they allow you to easily adjust your barbell sideways. When you are lifting heavy this does take considerable effort, effort best spent on the lift. The ATX® Roller J-Hooks let you turn your favourite ATX equipment to a genuine Powerlifting Rack.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint 265 mm x 90 mm x 280 mm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 Class S
Weight 4 kgs per piece
Inclusions 1 x pair of ATX® Roller J-Hooks
Weight Load Capacity 450 kgs (per pair)
Colour Black

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Detailed Description

Just like any other piece from the ATX Commercial Equipment Range, ATX Roller J-Hooks are designed to enhance your training.

Even though, they might seem like an overkill for a Squat Rack or Power Cage, they do make the process of aligning the barbell much easier.

Rather than "grating" the rubber coating on your J-Hook with the good old twist and pull method the ATX Roller J-Hooks allows you to effortlessly place the barbell in the perfect position every single set. On top of that you will preserve your precious energy!

Here are a few features of the ATX Rolling J-Hooks:

  1. Rated for 450 kgs per pair!
  2. Certified for commercial use - EN 20957 Class S.
  3. Sold in Pairs.
  4. Suitable for Racks and Rigs with 80 mm x 80 mm uprights, 21 mm hole size and 5 cm hole spacing.
  5. Each J-Hook involves approx. 4 kgs of steel in its constructions!
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Preserve your equipment

The inside of the ATX Roller J-Hooks is padded with nylon insulators, which will not only protect the Paint on your Power Cage, but also reduce the noise and eliminate any chance of equipment damage.

The tip of the ATX Roller J-Hooks comes with a durable nylon cover to preserve the knurling on your barbell.

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Locking Mechanism

The built in Spring Pin Locking Mechanism allows you to train with a piece of mind, knowing that the ATX Roller J-Hooks won't move a centimetre.

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Subtle Features

Although it is not hidden in a clever manner, the thick rubber strip with molded ATX Logo serves a few of an important functions. It was designed to absorb shock when racking, reduce noise and protect the barbell from damage.

Another great feature of these J-Hooks is the tilted roller base. This helps you to avoid rocking when unracking the barbell.

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