Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment

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Work on your lats & arms with the Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment. The Chin Up Attachment's grips are covered in foam so it won't dig into your hands and build calluses as quick. You also have two different grip positions ( Wide and Narrow). Rated for 300lbs or 136kgs, this attachment is adjustable in height from 198cm to 226cm.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 8.5kgs
Weight Load Capacity 300lbs or 136kgs
Warranty Ironmaster offer a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for their benches, machines and optional attachments. The pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.
Carton Size Carton 1: 126cm x 32cm x 10cm

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Detailed Description

Chin Ups are one of the best exercises for the lats and arms. People often get bogged down in trying to keep up with the latest and greatest techniques. If you work hard at the basics like pull ups you will build strength and muscle.

The Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment for the Ironmaster Super Bench allows you to perform this great exercise without the need for a Power Tower. You can just slip the attachment into your Ironmaster Super Bench which is sold separately.

The pull up attachment is adjustable in height from 198cm to 226cm to fit most anyone and is rated for 300 lbs or 136kgs. The grip area is nice and wide which allows you to vary hand position. The neoprene grips are not only functional but comfortable too.

Now for the question that is on everyone’s lips – “But is it solid?” Speaking from experience, I have been known to get up over 105kgs and it has been rock solid. Mind you don’t ask me to do too many reps at this weight!

Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment

You will notice that when the bench is upright, there is a fair distance between the upright section and the rear of the base. This provides all the support. Also remember that the Ironmaster Super Bench is not like the cheap and flimsy ones that some fitness equipment retailers sell. The upright section on the bench is fabricated out of 11 guage steel, which is used in most commercial gym equipment.

But the bottom line is, this unit has been sold for years worldwide. If it wasn't solid it wouldn't have lasted.

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