ATX® Spotter Arms 600

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ATX® Safety Spotter Arms For ATX 6th Series Rack ✔ Effortless adjustment ✔ 300kg Safe Working Load ✔ Suitable For Band Training ✔ 50cm Usable Length ✔ Mount Inside or Outside Your Rack

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Length: 60.5cm (50cm Usable Space); Width: 6.55cm; Height: 17cm
Inclusions 1 x Pair of ATX® Spotter Arms 600
Weight Load Capacity 300kg
Colour Black powder coat

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Detailed Description

Spotter arms or bars are a great backup incase you miscalculate a lift and need a way out. You can think of these ATX® spotter arms as the arms of an angel - with the design and functionality seemingly sent straight from heaven.

If you've trained in a rack for any length of time you'll understand that being inside the rack can be restrictive for certain exercises. These spotter arms will be great to give you some extra room outside the rack for bench or military press.

Having been manufactured out of 50 x 50 x 3.0mm tubular steel, with 4-5mm thick steel plates providing a 300kg safe working load capacity; you'll have no concerns about the structural integrity of this product. Additionally, the 12mm thick rubber lining boasts excellent shock absorbing and sound reducing qualities to help keep your bar pretty and your neighbours happy.

Built within the arms you'll find 6 additional bore holes, allowing you to attach band pegs and other accessories to really get the most out of your training.

Although primarily designed for ATX 6th series power racks, these will fit any power rack with 6cm x 6cm posts and 21mm holes.

  1. 50cm Usable length
  2. Mount inside or outside your rack
  3. Protective rubber lining to protect bar when dropped
  4. 300kg Safe working load
  5. Effortless adjustment
  6. Will fit any rack with 60mm x 60mm posts with 21mm holes
  7. Additional holes allow you to utilise accessories such as bands
  8. Sold in pairs, power rack not included in purchase.


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