Weight Training Articles

Our weight training articles focus on the basics. By basics we mean the basic weight training principles which can be used on basic gym equipment. The reason we stick to the basics is because they work! You don't need to have fancy gym equipment to get results. Just a basic home gym, with a good diet and training routine and you will build strength and or size!

If you did't see it on A Current Affair the other night, there was a segment on 79 year old bodybuilder Ray Moon. What a champion! I think he only started weight training 4 years ago. He now trains 5 days a week and competes in the over 70 year old division.If you are struggling to find the m..
If you are trying to build your physique one of the most important aspects is a strong and powerful chest. The good news is that building your chest is an easier task than most people make it out to be. If you follow these simple guidelines, eat the right foods and get plenty of rest you will be ..
Here is the Weight Training article written by Brad for our November newsletter. Weight Training Sets Explained. This month I am going to discuss the different sets you can incorporate into your weight training. I am just going to keep it basic and not go into too much technical detai..
A lot of customers have asked about the Body for Life program and what I thought about it. So I thought I would share my experience of this combined weight training and diet program. Without sounding too over the top, the Body for Life program really turned my life around. I was like a lot of..
I just thought I would share with you my experience of some dumbbell training I did while I was away on holidays. It shows that you can have great workouts without needing a lot of gym equipment. When you are conditioned to training on gym equipment in a commercial gym you tend to lose your imagi..
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