Buying Gym Equipment Online

Our gym equipment warehouse and showroom is located in Banksmeadow, Sydney (10 mins from the airport at Mascot). Understandably we get a lot of inquiries from interstate customers wanting to check out our gym equipment before they purchase.

I would love to have a showroom in more capital cities. I have looked into it and crunched the numbers. But Australia is just the wrong place to do this sort of thing – especially with the type of gym equipment we sell. It is a niche product. Combined with the high rent & labour costs it would just add a lot of costs to the bottom line. So we would have to increase prices.

Whether we all like it or not, businesses in Australia are moving towards the online model. Australians want great quality at great prices – the only way to do this with such a small and spread out population to is keep overheads low.

This is what we are doing. Our Powertec prices are often lower than in the US. We are close to Ironmaster who adopt the same strategy as ourselves.

If you are looking at gym equipment on competitor’s websites we often have a massive advantage. We only sell reputable and established international brands – Barbarian Line, Megatec, ATX, Ironmaster and Powertec. Although you might not be able to jump on them pump out of a couple of reps, you can read reviews from all around the world. Some of these gyms have been around for over 30 years, so they just wouldn’t last on the market if they were crap.

powertec levergym

I have always run this business by the simple rule – I won’t sell anything that I wouldn’t use myself. There are even some products from our existing suppliers that I won’t add to the range. If I think the product is not worth the money, or there is a better alternative I won’t sell it. Please browse our website. You won’t find anything that is cheap garbage.

Many years ago I would get customers questioning whether our load ratings were fair dinkum. No problem. I will do real videos showing what these gyms can do. Who else better than Australia’s best bodybuilder Lee Priest to demonstrate on his Powertec and Ironmaster gear in his own home gym.

Plus we are very luck to have so many great customers who share pictures of their home gyms. Recently I started an Instagram page to share these – @samsfitnessaust. Plus I also post them on our Sam’s Fitness Facebook Page.

barbarian power cage gym

Many have also been kind enough to write some pretty cool stuff about our products and service in our Testimonial section. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t make these up, but to be certain we also do independent reviews through Trustpilot. The recurring theme in many of these reviews is our service.

If you are still tossing up about taking the punt and buying online please pick up the phone and give us a call. You will talk to someone who knows the product and will give you the right advice. This is the other main reason I haven’t opened more stores. I don’t want people who don’t know anything about our equipment giving you advice. Even if it is over the phone, an experienced sales person with years of product knowledge will be much better at pointing you in the right direction than some kid who is more worried about what they are doing when they knock off.

So don’t settle for inferior gym equipment. Get the gym equipment that the serious trainers from around the world use, and have been using for many, many years. Even if you have to buy it online.

ironmaster im2000 smith machine