Employee of the Week – Lee Priest

A funny thing happened while we were at the IFBB Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. Matt and I were watching the finals when I get a tap on the shoulder. I looked around and it was Lee Priest and I was busted for bludging!

Lee was working on the Body Ripped stand at the show and I had said hello early in the day. As you could imagine Lee was flat out meeting fans and was taking longer than usual because he was signing everything left handed because his right arm was in a sling. Personally I would have got a stamp for the day!

The trade side of things is dead when the finals are on, plus we completely missed the finals last year because we were pulling all our equipment down. But this year we did’t want to drive all the way down to Melbourne just to swing spanners on gym equipment.

So while I was sitting there enjoying the show Lee had noticed a gentleman eyeing off the Powertec Multi System. So this lucky bloke got a run through by none other than Lee Priest. You could’t get ask for better customer service when looking for your new home gym.

In all seriousness it was great to have Lee’s support at such an event. We love supporting the Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix as unlike other Fitness Expos everybody is into weight training – in a big way. There is no swiss balls or yoga here. A lot of people are skeptical about the Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment as there is some really ordinary strength equipment in this price bracket. So when we say Lee Priest trains on Powertec and Ironmaster some people think we are kidding. Well down at the Pro Show we could say go and ask the man yourself.

Lee Priest Powertec Gym