Powertec and Ironmaster Commercial Gym Equipment?

We often get asked if Powertec and Ironmaster are classified as commercial gym equipment. Strictly speaking the answer is no. They have primarily been designed for the serious home weight training. Both Powertec and Ironmaster design their equipment to have multi functions and compact footprints with generous load capacities required by the serious trainer.

However it is these design elements that have made both Powertec and Ironmaster popular amongst personal trainers and small gyms. Even more so in Australia where rents and commercial gym equipment is so much more expensive than the US. Plus rent is so expensive down under, studios and gyms are requiring machines that are smaller than commercial units.

Here is what one of our customers Dale posted on the Sam’s Fitness facebook page –

commercial gym equipment

Why don’t we advertise Powertec and Ironmaster as commercial gym equipment? Well we definitely don’t recommend putting this type of gym equipment into larger gyms. As nearly all machines have multi use, you have to know how to change between the different exercises. For a seasoned trainer this is pretty straight forward. However in a gym environment, you only have to look around the floor and see that there are plenty of people who have no idea what they are doing. Look up gym fails on youtube for examples.

Not only can these types damage the equipment, they are most likely to hurt themselves.

However in smaller gyms or studios where there are limited members and someone watching over the gym floor, you can take the time to show the gym member how to use the equipment properly.

Our good friends from Maisha Fitness have had got great use and results for their members out of their Powertec gear.

commercial gym equipment

Lastly I would also like to add that just because a piece of gym equipment is advertised as commercial does not make it commercial. You only have to jump on ebay and see what i mean. There are no standards that define gym equipment usage so Fitness Equipment resellers can do what they like. And many do. But you just have to take a closer look at the designs and specs to see that some commercial items are not even up to the demands of your average weekend warrior. So as the old saying goes – if something looks too good to be true, it generally is.

That is why we always back up our claims with hard evidence.

Check out this set up at Physiques Essentials. You can tell by Josh’s set up that is geared towards serious weight training. Also note that he has a 2008 model Powertec Power Rack System alongside 2013 models. The old girl is still copping a beating and put on such a good show that he bought two extra 2013s!!

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