Powertec vs Megatec Review

Powertec or Megatec – which way should you go? What is better Megatec or Powertec? This is the question on everyone’s lips! Now let me give you a bit of background on why we have these two very similar lines of gym equipment on our website.

Megatec is the result of a falling out between Powertec and IFS (the company behind Barbarian Line, Megatec, ATX etc). IFS used to import Powertec into Europe.

On my first trip to FIBO, I was introduced to the owner of IFS by the head of the Powertec European Office. When I saw the Barbarian Line it was love at first sight. Not only was it great gym equipment, being commercial, it complimented our existing Powertec range perfectly. Powertec thought it was a good idea too, because at that stage, Powertec and IFS were working together.

We started importing Barbarian and our customer’s loved it. Everything was going great. Then there was the split. And we were caught dead in the middle!

powertec vs megatec review

There were many factors behind the split – business relationships are just like any relationship and are always complicated, especially since they revolve around money. For me it was like being the child of two parents who had divorced – I was told by each that the other was at fault.

IFS felt they could no longer work with Powertec, but had invested approximately 15 years in promoting a high end domestic range in Powertec, so they did not want to leave that market open for someone else. So they created the Megatec brand. Although it looks very similar, they have made several, sometimes subtle, design changes so they are not exact replicas.

Naturally Powertec was pissed off.

So we decided to steer clear of Megatec initially.

However we started getting several requests from our Barbarian Line customers to get in certain Megatec pieces. Plus people would go to to the MegaFitness site when researching other fitness equipment, and stumble across the Megatec range. So they would request certain items.

As a business, we could no longer pretend that Megatec didn’t exist and get offside with existing or potential customers.

To see that it wouldn’t affect our Powertec sales we did a test with the two most similar products. We purchased some discount Megatec multi gyms that had a slight paint variation. We offered them at a significant discount. Then we ran a Facebook Ad for the Powertec LeverGym advertising it as the most versatile multi gym. Well we sold out of Powertec LeverGyms, and have a growing waiting list for ones that are arriving soon! So we knew we could offer both ranges, and not have them affect each other’s sales dramatically.

What is the difference between Powertec & Megatec

The short answer is not much! Both use very similar materials and have similar specifications.

Both Powertec and IFS have been manufacturing and designing gym equipment for years, so even though Megatec is a new brand, it utilises years of experience. It comes out of the same factory as the Barbarian Line range. So whichever way you go, you are going to get a good quality piece of gym equipment.

So base your decision on the remaining common factors other than quality – features, design and price.

For example, if you are looking for a quality home gym, and you really like the leverage concept for bench press and squats. But prefer a cable lat pulldown and seated row, then the Megatec Multiplex Gym will be perfect.

But if you are on a bit more of a budget, and think a leverage lat pulldown offers some advantages then get the Powertec Multi System.  You can always add the Lat Tower Accessory for cable work later.

Either way you are going to get a great multi gym. It is a win win situation.