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Finally a leg machine that can blast the quads and calves but won't take up half your gym! The simple yet highly effective makes it great value too. Its affordability, compact size and heavy duty, genuine 350kgs rating make this Megatec Compact Leg Press the ideal leg machine for any home gym or studio.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint L = 171cm W = 114cm H = 98cm to 141cm
Weight 102kgs
Inclusions 1 x ATX® Compact Leg Press, Calf Block. SOLD SEPARATELY - Weight Plates.
Weight Load Capacity 350kg
Colour Matte Black
Warranty 5 year structural warranty, 2 years on parts, 1 year on grips and pads. Warranty is for original purchaser only and does not cover commercial use.
Carton Size Carton 1: 137cm x 38cm x 27cm Carton 2: 62cm x 62cm 27cm
Sleeve Size 27 cm - BB-OA-250-PVC

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Detailed Description

The ATX® Compact Leg Press will fit in places where a traditional 45-degree leg press won't. Plus the 30 degrees seated position provides the best way to isolate your quads.

    1. Compact Footprint - At 114cm x 171cm it is perfect for the home gym or studio that is tight on space.
    2. Heavy Duty - Just because it is compact doesn't mean that you can't load it up and train hard. It has a genuine 350kgs rating.
    3. Optimum ergonomics for training quads. The relaxed 30-degree position allows to you better isolate the quads.
    4. Massive footplate at 60cm x 55cm enables you to have many foot position variations. 
    5. Double ball bearing nylon rollers (8) provide the smoothest movement under the heaviest loads.
    6. Calf block included free. Hit your calves with some calf raises.
    7. One-handed start/stop mechanism. 
    8. Suitable for all shapes and sizes. Both the footplate and backrest can be adjusted. 
compact leg press

Like a Leg Press Only Compact!

Space and money - when you are building up your home gym these are often two roadblocks that weight trainers come across. You have got yourself a power rack or a multi-gym and you want to expand your leg workout. A 45-degree leg press is often high on the priority list but they can be expensive and take up plenty of space.

Now you have space and cost-effective alternative. The 30 degree, upright layout saves plenty of floor space compared to many leg presses (I am talking quality ones here), but without having to sacrifice durability under heavy loads. 

Plus working in the upright position offers plenty of advantages. You can definitely work deeper in the rep versus a 45-degree machine - your knees don't hit your gut and/or chest. So you can really isolate your quads. 

Please NOTE: this demo is on the older style Megatec Compact Leg Press.

This position also makes it much more natural to do lunges or single-leg movements. 

High rep workout on a leg press is a great way to hit your quads - it is well documented that legs can respond to very high reps. The only problem doing this on a 45-degree leg press is that your head can explode. In the seated position you can keep pressing up and down with all your focus on torturing your quads!

Weight Plates are not included and will have to be purchased separately.

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