Powertec Leverage Home Gym Review

Brenton’s Powertec Leverage Home Gym review goes into great detail. Not only about the product. But also the service.

The big difference between Sam’s Fitness and a lot of fitness equipment resellers – particularly online stores – is that we know our product back to front. The reason is we train on the Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment, plus equally important is that we our out many nights in the week installing home gyms.

In this instance Brenton was uncertain whether he could fit the gym in his shed. Since we have put these gyms in so many places we knew he would be sweet.

Brenton’s Leverage Gym Review

Matthew and Sam,

I just finished my first workout of my new Powetec Leverage Gym and thought I would provide some feedback for future potential customers.

Service –

In addition to the excellent friendly service I received from Matthew during countless phone calls to ask about the machinery and its dimensions, Matthew provided excellent face to face customer service when I visited your gym equipment centre. Matthew could have not been more helpful including accepting my request for a full refund in the unlikely event that the equipment did’t fit in my shed (it did.easily).

In addition, The unit was delivered on the day I requested.


The Powertec Leverage gym with rotating bench would have to one of the most compact gyms available. I have limited space with a single garage and the unit is so compact that it allows me to continue to park my car in garage.

A tip for future customers with limited space. I screwed 4 x 1200mm x 900mm x 5mm Masonite underlay boards to my concrete floor (available from Bunnings). This provides a work area of 1800mm x 2400 for the unit and allows me to easily slide the unit in and out from the wall. In addition, I left off the side plate holders which made it even more compact and instead purchased a Powertec plate holder.


The quality and strength of the unit is superb. It only took me three hours to assemble and although the instructions only consist of an exploded diagram, all the screws and bolts were numbered and every piece was provided. Every piece aligned perfectly during assembly.


The Powertec Leverage Home Gym is easily adjusted to comfortable positions to accommodate all required exercises. The cable/pulley system is incredibly smooth and silent, easily out-performing standard home gyms with pin selectable weights. I have already introduced a few friends to the unit and it generating quite a bit of interest.


This unit would have to be the best value for money on the market. It achieves what it sets out to with a simple, strong design that is near professional gym quality for less than half the price of other home gyms. Once again, thanks for the excellent service, you undoubtedly have an excellent product that will sell itself!

Regards Brenton

We could easily expand our product range and make more money. However I am very particular with what we sell. You wo’t find cheap and flimsy fitness equipment on our website. Plus the limited product range means we know more about the products we sell. This not only allows us to offer you better service but it will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.