Famous for our Product Knowledge Around the World

One of the big advantages of selling global brands of gym equipment like Powertec, Ironmaster and Barbarian is that we get to share knowledge and experiences with users around the world. We are constantly exchanging info and sharing ideas with fellow trainers from all parts of the globe.

Recently I helped an American out who was looking at both Powertec and Ironmaster products. Anyone who owns a combination of this gym equipment knows they are a match made in heaven so I was only too happy to help Kurt make the right decisions. This is what Kurt had to say:

As always that’s good enough for me Sam. As I’ve said before, I sure hope the powers that be at Ironmaster and Powertec, recognize and appreciate your time, effort and dedication. All I know is that without you and your operation ( email, website, YouTube etc.), I’m not sure that I would have purchased all of my equipment, with more to come. It’s not that it costs a fortune, it’s very reasonable, but it is alot to put out for equipment that I had no way of trying out first. Thanks again for all your guidance. Continued success with your business. Kurt

Kurt was in the situation like many of our Australian customers, where he couldn’t get to try the equipment before buying. But there is so many resources online these days about these two brands that I was able to point him to all the information he needed.

It makes life a whole lot easier for us, when a customer asks by email or phone if the Powertec Power Rack is heavy duty. Well if you check out the Powertec France Facebook page there was a video of a guy squatting 180kgs. Or you check out Dr Jim Stoppani from Muscle and Fitness using Ironmaster Dumbbells in his training videos.

So no matter where you are in the world, feel free to ask any questions you like about the Powertec, Ironmaster and now the Barbarian Line of gym equipment. We have got loads of information collected from ten years in the business.

The fitness equipment industry in Australia, like many other areas of business, is moving to selling direct to customers. Consumers naturally want the best price. So this often means that there are no stores where customers can try before they buy.

But with Ironmaster, Powertec and Barbarian you have access to detailed information, so you are not buying blindly. These are reputable, established brands that are used by serious trainers around the world.