Inferno Fitness Personal Training Gym Review

Big thanks to Brad from Inferno Fitness, a personal training gym in Myaree, who recently purchased some more gym equipment to fit out his new gym. We have dealt with Brad for years and he has a 20 year record in the fitness industry – so we feel honored to receive such a glowing reference.

Here is what Brad had to say – Sam’s Fitness – Gym Equipment review.

If you took a look around the Inferno site, you will see that these guys take their training seriously. The gym has come up great and has a real hardcore appeal. So it is great to see Barbarian Line and Powertec equipment in such an environment.

personal training gym myaree

If you are looking at setting up a gym like Inferno Fitness, then products like Barbarian, Powertec, Megatec or Ironmaster are perfect for you. They are not only heavy duty, but generally have dual functionality along with a compact footprint.

Take for example the Barbarian Power Cage System. There aren’t too many genuine commercial power racks with a lat pulldown, when I mean commercial I mean commercial. Not the “commercial” crap you see on ebay or gumtree. As Brad says, these power cages will not move, even when faced with a five plate squat.

The Lat Pulldown and Seated Row is just as smooth and heavy duty as any commercial lat pulldown machine. Believe me, you would have to be a beast to rep out 125kgs on this machine, because it is a 1:1 ratio with no mechanical assistance. So it is ideal for these types of applications.

Best of all, for a commercial power cage, the Barbarian unit is fairly compact. So you have this heavy duty cage + lat pulldown/seated row taking up minimal space. Perfect for this day and age when rents are sky rocketing and you have to squeeze the most out of your footprint.