Powertec Leverage Multi Press

I have been using the Powertec Workbench Leverage Press for over 1 year now. During that time I have found it to be an invaluable addition to my gym. I train a broad range of people from power lifters, football players and body builders.


powertec leverage press with a powerlifter doing incline press

So Many Exercises

As you can see the versatility of such a bench is invaluable asset to any gym. Not only do I use it for benching, both incline and decline and flat bench press with 6 levels of adjustment available. Plus I also use it for shoulder press, reverse seated shoulder press, one arm row, high pulls and shoulder shrugs all of which give a fantastic pump. It is so versatile with the range of exercises that you can do.


powertec leverage press with a bodybuilder doing shoulder shrugs

Lift Up to 300kgs!

I find the Powertec Leverage Press an asset in my gym. The variety it offers really assists when working out training programs. I have used up to 300 kilos on this bench and it has taken the weight without any strain on this extremely solidly built piece of gym equipment. I can not recommend the Powertec Workbench Multi Press highly enough for its range of motion, durability and the sturdiness of the bench.

powertec leverage multi press

It is truly an asset to any gym, regardless of your training experience. Yes I have experienced trainers who are lifting the real heavy weight.

But the Powertec Leverage Press is also suitable for the inexperienced trainers too. It gets them in the right position to execute the movement with correct form. It is perfect for building up the pressing muscles prior to moving to barbells.

Note from Sam: Big shout out to Greg for such a detailed review with some great pictures too boot. I always new the Powertec gear was stout, but did not think I would see a 300kg lift!