Testimonal – Powertec Power Rack System Package plus Attachments

Here is some feedback on one of our most popular packages the Powertec Power Rack System package and Sam’s Fitness service.

This is what Tyson had to say:

G’day Matt

Once again thanks for the great gear and service mate! Door to door for $50 within two days …. Noone could ask for better service or a better product.

The gym is almost complete apart from a cable fly machine thanks to you and powertec. Have an awesome weekend mate and il be in touch for more gear I am sure.

Regards Tyson

Tyson started out with Power Cage package in June and recently decided to add some Powertec Attachments for his bench. As you can see we do our best to get your orders out the door as quick as we can.

That is not to say we don’t have our issues – anyone shipping goods around Australia will always have issues with transport companies from time to time – but we have been dealing with all our carriers for well over 7 years now so we know how to resolve in issues.

Back to Tyson’s mean home gym. We are selling these power rack combos like crazy. These Powertec gyms have a great reputation worldwide. They offer quality, durability and functionality at a great price. The design is compact for a power cage and has stood the test of time. 

If you are currently training at a gym and tossing up about setting up a home gym then give us a call. Yes there will be some exercises that you can’t do on a system like this. But there are plenty of other movements that you aren’t doing that you can incorporate into your program.

Regardless of your program, if your gym is crowded with wankers and you are losing motivation or can’t make it due to time constraints, training at home will improve your intensity and consistency.