ATX® Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine


The ATX Pec Fly Rear Delt Machine combines two great accessory exercises into one machine. It feels as good as machines four times the price!


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The ATX Pec Fly Rear Delt Machine is perfect for PTs or small gyms. It offers 2 quality exercises that can be performed by inexperienced trainers with decent form. And it takes up bugger all space.

It is also perfect for the garage gym enthusiast who has got the space and money to fit in a machine they don’t really need.

If you don’t have the space or money, stop reading now. You can do both these exercises with a dumbbell or resistance band. You just need to get tension on the rear delt or pec – that is all this machine does. So please stop reading….


I am not normally a machine guy. Maybe it is because I am getting older. Maybe because I am training my kids. But since getting this I must stop myself from using this nearly every workout. It feels so good and is just easy to use.  

A Detailed Look - ATX® Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine

ATX® Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine Key Features

  • Adjustment Positions

    5 Adjustment positions

    For optimal Pec and Rear Delt Training, so that you can really dial in and target the exact location of the muscle you want to hit.

    Adjustable seat height

    Accomodates users of all shapes and sizes as well as helping you to change the angle of the fly movement.

  • Footprint


    • Arms Locked in the back: 750 mm
    • Arms Locked in the Front: 1650 mm


    • 1745 mm


    • 1060 mm (+100 mm if you are planning on stacking 25 kgs plates)
  • Weight Load Capacity

    150 kgs weight load capacity

    Offers plenty of room for growth, ensuring you won’t outperform your equipment so that it can last a lifetime.

  • Roller Carriage

    Roller Carriage and Aluminum Pulleys

    Provides silky smooth movement with minimal mechanical resistance, so that you don’t feel like you’re fighting the equipment, you’re just moving the weights.

  • High Base Weight

    High Base Weight of 68 kg

    This ensures that the unit remains stable even during the most epic training sessions. The included rubber feet further enhance stability by preventing the unit from sliding around during use.

  • Multi-Grip Rotating Handles

    Three (3) different grip positions

    1. Angled rotating grip with custom ATX Handles.
    2. Neutral Knurled grip for rear delt fly’s.
    3. Straight Rotating Grip with custom ATX Handles.
  • Resistance Band Strength Curve

    Add/Remove Resistance Curves

    You can alter the strength curve by adding resistance bands. This will allow you to get a much better squeeze as you will have the most resistance during the peak contraction.

Why Should You Choose the ATX® Pec Fly/Rear Delt Machine?

Pec Fly’s is everyone’s favourite chest accessory exercise as it helps you to build a thicker and strongest chest. By using a pecfly machine you can isolate the chest muscles way better compared to dumbbells or cable fly’s. Since it is moving on a fixed path, you no longer have to worry about stabilizing the weight this takes the load of your stabilizer muscles and allows you to completely fatigue the muscle.

The added rear delt fly will help you to build up one of the most neglected and underdeveloped shoulder heads for that Coconut Shoulder look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which weight plates can I use?

    Which weight plates can I use?

    This machine accepts Olympic Weight Plates with an internal diameter of +51mm.

  • What is the difference between cable machine fly's and pec fly's?

    What is the difference between cable machine fly's and pec fly's?

    Cable crossovers grips operate in a rather free path which means that you will need to recruit a fair few stabilizer muscles to perform this exercise. Pec Fly Machines operate in a fixed path, this allows you to take the load off your stabilizer muscles and focus on the fly movement itself.

  • Can I build a big chest with pec fly's?

    Can I build a big chest with pec fly's?

    You can build muscle with just about any exercise, the question is how much progress you will be able to make. As Mr Universe Winner Lee Priest (AKA the short guy who beat Ronnie Coleman 6 times) once said – “Pec Fly’s are a Shaping Exercise”. This exercise is a great workout finisher as it will allow you to further fatigue the muscle without posing an increased risk of injury.

  • What is the difference between dumbbell fly's and pec fly's?

    What is the difference between dumbbell fly's and pec fly's?

    Dumbbell fly’s are quite popular because they are both easy to execute, can be performed in a variety of ways (incline, flat, decline) and they don’t require additional equipment. In saying that, the movement is somewhat compromised by levers. You get the most resistance when your arms are flared out, and the least when you bring them together.

    On the other hand, a Pec fly machine will offer you an even resistance curve, meaning that you will have the same amount of resistance throughout the movement.

  • Should I choose a Cable Crossover machine or a Pec Fly/Rear Delt Combo?

    Should I choose a Cable Crossover machine or a Pec Fly/Rear Delt Combo?

    Cable crossovers are pricey, take significantly more space, but they will allow you to perform a plethora of exercises and their variations. A dedicated pec fly machine is rather limited in its functionality, but it will do a significantly better job at performing the exercises it was designed for.

For the garage gym enthusiasts, you have done a million presses and flys. You have used the bands and cables. So, this machine really is a breath of fresh air. It really does change up your chest workout.

With rear delts, you can do this on back or shoulder day. The rear delt exercise is also a great way to warm up your shoulders for chest day.  

For personal trainers it will give your clients two great accessory exercises in machine form. Inexperienced trainers will pick up the correct form quicker. This also makes it perfect if you have group resistance training.  

Build Breakdown

The design and build are amazing. It is so smooth – I will be highlighting all the features that contribute to this. The adjustability and movement make it dead easy to hit the desired muscle. Let’s have a look at the build: 

The cam design is spot on, delivering consistent resistance through the entire range. The machine has 5 starting positions so every body shape can get full ROM.

The cams, arms and handles all pivot on bearings and the arms are adjusted with a commercial spring pin.

Now the handles are a great example of the level of detail in this machine. You have 3 positions, once again to get you into the perfect position.

The vertical and angled pair feature custom ATX rotating nylon grips. They not only look the part, but they rotate freely – adding to the smooth movement.

The horizontal grip is knurled. Although completely unnecessary, the knurling is better than on some barbells.  

Another unnecessary feature are the aluminium pulleys. Complete overkill on a machine like this where you do not push loads of weight. But another ingredient used to make this machine so smooth.

For me, the standout design feature is the weight carriage system. The quality of the chrome upright is outstanding. It looks great and adds to the smoothness.  

The carriage rolls on 4 bearing driven nylon rollers. It is a real level up from traditional carriage designs that are on nylon bushes. There is zero drag.

This design also means that diameter of the weight plates is shifted inward which makes the footprint more compact versus a traditional weight carriage design.  

On the weight carriage you will also notice the resistance band attachment point. Another example of the detail in this machine. Not only is it a great addition, but they have also made it so the pivot peg has rolling sleeve. This is designed to reduce the wear and tear on your resistance band.

Adding a resistance band, even a relatively light one will give you extra tension at peak contraction. Personally, I haven’t bothered yet – even just holding the position at peak contraction does the trick.

That is the advantage of this machine over the equivalent dumbbell or cable exercise – it is so much easier to maintain that position on a machine under fatigue.

Finishing off, you get yourself into the correct height by adjusting the seat. It has 4 height positions and is adjusted with a commercial spring pin. The machine sits on custom ATX rubber feet.

Equipment Ranking

On the functionality scale, this machine only delivers two exercises which are both only small muscle groups. That is why this machine is by no means a must have.

But what makes this attractive to PTs, small gyms and serious home users is it’s compact footprint. When not in use it is only 106cms deep x 75cms wide. When in use the arms requires 165cm width. But if you lay your gym out right, you can put machines either side – like a t-bar row which is set low to the ground.

The Drawbacks

Plain and simple the price. This machine is expensive for two isolation exercises. I have seen absolute crap pec fly rear delt machines for the $500-$600 mark, but personally I would rather stick with dumbbell flys. Unfortunately, quality costs.

At this price some would expect a weight stack. A $1,500 pec fly rear delt with a weight stack is going to be like the crap $500 machine, but with a weight stack. It is that simple. Better quality generic brand machines with weight stacks go for around upward of $2,500, and generally take up more space.

This is one machine in my opinion that least benefits from a weight stack. You don’t use a lot of weight. Lee Priest reckons he would have maxed out at 40kgs in his prime. Plus, it is not the machine to go for PRS. You can fatigue the pec or rear delt just by controlling the rep or holding at peak contraction if you feel the weight is too light.

Out of all the machines we use, this machine would be one where we change the weight the least.

Also, the packaging is huge – this will add further cost to shipping unfortunately. If possible, get this delivered to a business or pick it up from a depot. The reason the packaging is so big is because some of the parts are pre-assembled which will save a little time. 


The best way to sum this machine is up in one of the German reviews. Top quality, excellent movement and comparable in their experience with Cybex and Gym80 machines.

Both these machines would be at least 3 times the price of this machine and take up more space. With the downside being changing plates.

This is what the ATX brand is about – giving you high end quality at a fraction of the price. There are some drawbacks, but for their target market – small gyms, PTs and serious home trainers – this machine is perfect.

Product Specifications

Weight 75 kg


Weight Capacity









2 x Olympic sleeves


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