Testimonial – Funks Ironmaster Dumbbell and Kettlebell Review

You have seen Funk Roberts awesome Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell and Ironmaster Adustable Kettlebell videos. This is what Funk had to say about the Ironmaster gym equipment.

Funk Roberts Review

I LOVE THE IRONMASTER. The one thing that I was missing was dumbbells and heavy kb’s and when I got the Ironmaster a) I had the whole thing set up and ready to go in 15 minutes (including the stand) b) They are so durable c) I now had a variety of dumbbell weights? at my disposal Truly Awesome..Better than all the other ones out there!!! Funk

When we first got the Ironmaster Adjustable Kettlebells I had never swung a kettlebell in my life. Like a lot of people my age, they were not common in gyms when we started training. So I stumbled across some of Funk Roberts videos on youtube.

Funk’s workouts were simple and you could easily scale them up to break your soul. At that time of my life I was juggling work and a young family. These workouts were relatively quick but hit every muscle in your body and drained the gas tank.

Funk Roberts

As you can see from Funk Roberts workouts he utilises all the characteristics of the Ironmaster dumbbells and kettlebells. You have to give the renegade rows and push ups a go. You can’t do that with any old adjustable dumbbell!!

Get Inspired By Funk Too!

As my life got more chaotic with kids and business, I used Funk Roberts workouts pretty much exclusively. Then from Funk’s knowledge I started coming up with my own variations. Below is a collaboration I did with Funk.

The beauty of training is that there is so many types – bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, kettlebell etc. A lot of guys pick their style and stick with it. Some think their style is superior. It might be. But there is no harm in getting out of your comfort zone and trying something different.