Testimonial – Ironmasters and Add On Kit

Since I started this business and the popularity of Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment has grown, so too have the cheap copies.

Please do’t be fooled though, especially if you are buying online, these copies are simply not in the same league. When I first started the adjustable dumbbell market was made largely of the authentic brands. Nowadays their seems to be a new copy of some format every day.

But the Ironmasters have been around for years and continue to grow in popularity. The reason being is because they hardcore.

This is what George had to say:

Mate, I’ve just put the Iron Master dumbell set together and add ons. What an awesome piece of gear. I’m very impressed. These are monsters mate. Not even my local gym has dumbells over the 40 kgm mark. How soft is that? Good for fairies I’m also going to be looking into buying a squat rack off ya and a bench press as well. I want a complete system regardless of it all included in this package. Cheers

Their is simply no substitute for raw iron and steel. Finished off with quality workmanship the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are the choice for the serious weight trainer

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