Troys Powertec and Ironmaster Review

Blokes like Troy are worth their weight in gold. As a business owner, loyal customers are obviously good for business, but for me the most important thing is that they tell me I am doing something right – our products are good quality and fairly priced. Troy has been adding to his gym over the years and we really appreciate him making his regular additions to his home gym.

Hey Sam,

Considering the cost of a gym membership over the years, time pressures & wanting a healthy lifestyle I finally decided to get serious about my home gym and convert to Olympic standards.

I ended up purchasing Powertec and Iron Master equipment from Sam’s Fitness….and I have never looked back!! Basically you get what you pay for, and I regret spending years buying cheap equipment.

Now with quality equipment I train harder and feel amped to get fit, I feel my gear can take a pounding and will last. When I train with good equipment you can tell its been designed well and I can focus on my technique without being limited by uncomfortable gear.

Sam’s Fitness have provided excellent customer service, that’s why I’ve gone back to them several times to get more goodies, plus an extra bonus is I’ve been able to speak personally with Sam the business owner who is a great bloke.

Like all our testimonials, they are genuine and we always keep the original document – just in case you think I am bullshitting after reading that last line. If you ever want to see the original just let me know cause I know for a fact the competition do!

Back to Troy’s gym. He originally kicked off with the machine that has a massive list of exercises, the Powertec Functional Trainer. Not only is it highly versatile it is also built like a tank! We have heard many horror stories with cheap cable crossovers – you know that ones that have fixed pulleys and concrete weight stack with bugger all range of motion. So after seeing the quality of our gear Troy knew that any new additions would be first class.

From then he got the Iromaster Dumbbells and Powertec Utility bench with attachments. Included was the Powertec cable high and low pulley attachment – a lot of people that have not trained on Powertec gym equipment are skeptical as to the quality or strength of this unit. But we can guarantee that just because this is an attachment, does not make it any less of a lat machine than a stand alone unit. It handles heavy weight with ease.